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Eww [Jun. 2nd, 2010|11:47 am]
*~Bottomless Pit's Bag of Tricks~*
My oatmeal really sucks.  I don't know if it's because it's the original flavor or because I didn't have enough milk.

Anyone that's free tomorrow before 7 should call me because it's my day off & I want to waste it with people!

I'm gonna try something that has a taste for brunch.
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Testing... [Mar. 18th, 2010|11:03 pm]
*~Bottomless Pit's Bag of Tricks~*

So I'm trying out the LJ app for my phone. Hopefully this will lead me to be more vigilant about posting.
Basic life updated: I'm thrilled that I've picked up extra hours, I think I'm elligible for cheap health care, and I should get a raise in the next week. (I thought it was every 520 hrs, not 540). My brother has a wii-fit, so I look forward to embarassing myself on that. I will also discover new ways my neice can climb on and around me while doing yoga.

Overall, I'm down 20 lbs. from my highest weight

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Oscar- Final Thoughts [Mar. 8th, 2010|02:26 am]
*~Bottomless Pit's Bag of Tricks~*
[mood |contentcontent]

I'm very glad I got to enjoy the oscars this year, but not in the same way in the past. I didn't feel caught up in award season like I usually do and I had to work up until the red carpet. With time to reflect here are my Final Thoughts. If I watched Jerry Springer I'd phrase it like him.

I love Adam Shankman and his use of "Rain Jew" (Marc Shaiman) for the opening number, but the beginning was the best part. I suppose I just felt it was odd that they played the originial scores instead of best song & the dancing just didn't work. Then again, I feel that part went better than when they tried to somewhat recreate the scenes the year Enchanted was nominated. I'm sure it made a great show in the (I assume Kodiak) Theater, but for the television audience didn't love it (althought they eat up DWTS, ABDC, SYTYCD, DYAO).

I'm glad I caught up with the coasts on the wave of "Hurt Locker" love. It's one of those things that starts on the coast and trickles in to the midwest eventually. It helped on the predictions. In all honesty I'm used to not seeing the Best Picture winners. From 2000-10 I've seen seen 5 of those winners. I wanted to see Hurt Locker and The Messenger, but it's hard to get me psyched up for that sort of film. I'd rather see a merchant ivory to that in a heartbeat.

I feel bad for other movies because Hurt Locker and Avatar were there. 2006 was a great year for awards because a lot of good movies got a couple of wins. I like years when Norbit can be nominated for make-up, batman can win sound editing. It's the time when real movies can win an award because it did it's job well & doesn't have to be super meaningful or acclaimed.

Much love for Gabourey Sidibe & this post: Gabourey Sidibe on Gerard Butler: "I'd Hit That"
If she had done more press for the movie I feel she'd have a better chance for a career after this. People don't know her, so they don't see the gigantic transformation that Precious is for her.

Barbra was the best person to give out the best director award, but it was just cruel and unusual punishment. Bitch has been a fierce presence in the industry for 40 years & they never nominated her for it. And she's giving it to the hot chick. That directed Point Break.
I'm happy for Bigelow & I know she doesn't want to be known as the chick/woman/etc. I'm tremendously pleased it went to Bigelow instead of compete nepotism of Sophia Coppola being nominated a few years back.

This just reminds me that I need to watch more good movies. I've seen movies by Jane Campion, Lina Wertmüller, & Sophia Coppola. I just haven't seen their nominated ones. Hopefully, I'll start with those. Then, do I wanna watch AFI's top 100, or just the best picture winners?

I hope you had a pimp-tastic oscar night!
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Self inflicted LJ exile [Feb. 22nd, 2010|06:12 pm]
*~Bottomless Pit's Bag of Tricks~*
[mood |nervousnervous]

Many apologies for disappearing from LJ for another month and a half. I don't always check, because I can check my gmail on my phone and checking a blog on my phone is very slow because of everyone's pictures.

Tonight's top stories:
I had my phone interview for an assistant language teacher position in Japan. I felt I was very precise in the beginning but got logorrhea near the end. Fuck you nerves. I'll find out in a week/10 days if I made it to the seminar/personal interview stage. So I'll be a bundle of nerves until then!!

I've been working in the floral department since february 8th and will have at least the weekly shift of Wednesday 7a-3p. A blessing because I'll have one shift stay the same from week to weeek, but I have to be up early! Basically I'm doing the manager's day off, which is what another chick did before she disappeared on another sick leave. I've been glad to have more hours since we've changed managers, but it's kind of strange. Just hope no complicated orders are ever ordered on Wednesdays for the next month until I know what I'm doing.

I'm trying to read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. I'll tell you at which point I get frustrated and throw it into the fire. I want to read Emma, & then the ass load of biographies I have at home.

I also got inspired and I hopefully will start some form of project soon. I want to start watching the AFI's top 100 films or something like that.

I did an overnight on Saturday night/sunday morning. It was strange. I wasn't as tired as I thought I would be & I went to school with one of the cops that stopped in at 3am. I thought he would have been too much of a weenie to be a cop. He did get a salad though.
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Karaoke [Jan. 4th, 2010|01:57 am]
*~Bottomless Pit's Bag of Tricks~*
Okay, I've posted on Facebook & I'll post on my twitter.

Karaoke at Koreana Monday Jan 4th @ 9. I finally discovered their website & there's a discount when you call ahead and reserve. So I'll try and get a head count. Much love & I'll hopefully see you in 17 hours. [EDIT: I meant 19 hours]
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(no subject) [Dec. 27th, 2009|01:40 am]
*~Bottomless Pit's Bag of Tricks~*
This is life. As of Thursday, I wasn't working New Year's eve. Now I am. Of course I'll work it, blah blah blah, but it's the fact that I wasn't scheduled & now I am that bugs me.

Christmas was good. I didn't get much on my list & there wasn't much on it to begin with. I must admit my X-mas presents were better than my birthday ones. My sister in law often misses the mark on my gifts. For example, for my birthday she got me leopard print floor mats. I'm trying to think of the last time I bough anything leopard print that wasn't on a clearance rack. Like it's funny & nice, but should I use it? We all know what pristine care the upholstery is in & how I truly gave up after a gas tank left a odd portion of the mat fused to the car with an new chemical stain.

My back has been really sore since christmas day (or possibly eve) & I did not run a mile on Dec. 26th. My mom and I pigged out on said night because she can barely eat anything tomorrow. After breakfast she is limited to Jello & clear liquids. Hopefully I can hang out rather early monday after driving to and from her appointment.

oh & the main thing that frustrated me on X-mas. When my aunt quizzed the cousins and said, "how many generations are here today?" My younger cousin said "well, you can't define a generation" and doesn't consider Chris and myself his generation. A- yes you can, but there are multiple definitions. B- I'm two years older than his brother. Is he a different generation? (species, maybe) Our grandfathers are brothers, our parents are cousins, so yes we are the same generation. He's physically old enough to have a kid right now & thank god he doesn't so I'll digress. I suppose he just makes me feel so much better about myself. I mean I thought I was ignorant of the family history when i was talking to my texas cousin this summer.

Sorry to be pissy, but I love you all want to see everyone & wish them a happy new year if I don't update before then!
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contacting me [Dec. 17th, 2009|12:58 pm]
*~Bottomless Pit's Bag of Tricks~*
Phone's out of comission (as of 1/2 hour ago). Wish me luck & good luck getting a hold of me.
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Lack of updates [Dec. 9th, 2009|04:45 pm]
*~Bottomless Pit's Bag of Tricks~*
You know, me so there's little surprise at my lack of updates. So I guess I'll address what I wrote last time.

I was on standby to be a poll worker & I got called at about 6:30 and was at a local school within the hour (there was some confusion to whether it was the high or middle school). It really wasn't that intimidating when I did it. Next to know problem people & no mistakes that I made in the book I was in charge of.

Haven't gone into a curves yet, but I've been good about doing my daily runs again. Watching a concert on a treadmill is the best way to get through a run. Didn't get all my reference letters by the JET deadline, so I missed it again :( oh, well. Just another fire under my ass to get out of my job.

There was some trouble surrounding my vacation. A lot of mixed signals at my work, but I'm off except for this weekend, so I can go down to springfield!

The biggest thing to piss me off today is my student loans. My medical insurance is a close second.

Life at home is funny. A drawer broke, I fixed it. It broke again, I took a while to fix it and it should stay now. We fixed one toilet, but we've closed off another. We had a leaky pipe which wasn't too nice for the cardboard boxes near where it liked to drip. It's fun to be MacGuyver every now and then, but I really hate doing it this much.

I saw a sneak preview of Leap Year last night, & I'm seeing It's Complicated tonight.
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(no subject) [Oct. 28th, 2009|11:38 pm]
*~Bottomless Pit's Bag of Tricks~*
I need to read my poll worker book before tuesday
I need to put the garbage out tonight
I need to go into a curves

In more important news I have a new bra.
I saw time travelers wife. It was really good. I could see how die hard fans of the book would be pissed about something but for something based on something as time traveling it was very cohesive. I have two favorite parts of the story.
P.S. Shelly, the reason it took forever for it to come out was that they had to wait for Eric Bana's hair to grow back for reshoots because of Star Trek.
I'm staying in town for Halloween.
Nerix's west side story is Nov. 13-15 and the 20-22 I think. I wanna investigate.
I hope Natalie's top chef is good. I'm dvring it (to watch once I do the garbage)
Keenan Thompson & Jaleel White (Urkle) were on an episode of Psych. Is your mind blown? It should be.

Enjoy some Psych-y goodness.
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It's official [Oct. 20th, 2009|11:41 am]
*~Bottomless Pit's Bag of Tricks~*
I've been trained to be a poll worker. It sounds more intimidating that it will be if I get called to fill in. So hopefully all I will have to do is call in and not be placed, but that's not nessisarily my luck. I guess I should ponder the best time to call in. I wasn't the youngest person to train, but the other young people were jerky.

Funniest part is that the examples of affidavits they had on the wall were hairspray characters (i.e. Tracey Larkin was filling out a name change affidavit). Very cute, but not very current.

In other news my mom is going on some trip with some guy. WTF? We'll see how freedom treats me.
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